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Baboo Disposable Breast Pads 40pcs

Baboo Disposable Breast Pads 40pcs

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Baboo Disposable Breast Pads 40pcs

Baboo® disposable breast pads are designed to be comfortable companions for the breastfeeding mother.

In order to create something that every woman would be happy to use, the research was conducted in various countries around the world about the needs of the mother, which greatly contributed to the creation of the final breast pad.

• Baboo disposable pads are less than 1 mm thin and optimally 13 cm in diameter. The pads consist of 5 protective layers to feel comfortable and prevent leakage.
• The top and bottom layers are made of easily breathable material to avoid skin irritation. All layers also have a delicate silky texture for your ultimate comfort.
• Honeycomb type surface ensures fast absorption up to 100 ml and complete protection against leakage, at the day or at night
• Double Velcro fastening system ensures a firm attachment to clothing and prevents from any movement while you sleep.
• You’ll be surprised to learn that Baboo pads will be completely invisible under your clothes, even when you are wearing the thinnest bra.
• The pack contains 40 pads.


Weight 200 g
Material Breathable fabric, velcro
Quantity 40pcs
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Returns 14 day money back guarantee
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